Marlee's Adventure in London

Marlee and the Diamond Earring

This is the second book in the series of ‘Marlee’s Adventures’ Marlee is very excited as she has been invited to London! Learn all about this famous city as she travels through it. You will see many amazing landmarks when you join Marlee on a sight seeing trip that turns into a crime solving adventure!

Marlee & the Diamond Earring

Marlee and the Diamond Earring

Marlee is a rescue dog, living in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grand Cayman. Her friends Oreo, Princess Dezzie and Bossy Bella live on the same beach as Marlee. One day, they meet a lady, who has lost her precious diamond earring on the beach. Enter into Marlee's world of crystal blue seas and soft white powdery sands, to meet her four legged friends, as well as her other helpers, Sir Pinchy Crab, Mr Turtle, Hoppy, the one legged seagull and Lou Lou, the laughing gull. Travel with them, as they go on an adventure to see if they can find the missing diamond earring.