Find Marlee London

Marlee and the Diamond Earring

From the moment Marlee lands at Heathrow airport until she finishes up at Buckingham Palace, you will encounter numerous famous landmarks along the way. Based on the book’ Marlee’s Adventure in London,’ you play through 6 different London scenes, on easy, medium and hard. You have to find Marlee and her friends, before unlocking lots of fun extras which are hidden all over London.
They are never in the same place twice, so try and beat the clock to find them in the time you are given, to move on to the next level.

Find Marlee & the Diamond Earring

Marlee and the Diamond Earring

Go through each exciting colourful scene, to see if you can. Tap on the palm trees and coconuts will fall out of the tree. Watch the beach plane writing patterns in the sky, see the boats sailing by, the storm brewing and the sun setting.

When you manage to find them all on Easy, Medium and Hard, you will be rewarded with the free ‘Marlee and the Diamond Earring’ Ebook.